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Created 05 May 2024 | Mosques

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu alaikum,

We are reaching out to you at a time of urgent need for our beloved Faro Central Mosque, a beacon of spirituality and community in our region. In these difficult times, our mosque faces serious financial challenges that threaten its ability to operate and serve our community as it has done so far.

The Faro Central Mosque is not just a place of prayer; it is a community center that offers educational programs, social activities, and spiritual support to everyone who crosses its doors. However, the increasing costs of rent and maintenance place us in a precarious situation.

Why is your support vital?

  • Sustainability: Your donation will help cover the essential costs of rent and maintenance, ensuring that our mosque remains open and accessible to all.
  • Education and Guidance: Continuing our educational and guidance programs is crucial, especially for the younger generations.
  • Community Support: In times of crisis, our mosque has become a refuge for those in need of support and guidance.

How can you help:

  1. Financial Donations: Every contribution, large or small, makes a significant difference in our ability to keep our doors open.
  2. Spreading the word: Share our campaign with family, friends, and on your social networks. The broader our reach, the greater the support we can generate.

"Those who spend their wealth [in the cause of Allah] by night and by day, secretly and publicly, will have their reward with their Lord. They will have no fear, nor will they grieve." (2:274)

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    Allahoma sali 3ala mohammed.

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    Allahoma ini as2aloka ljannah

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    Haced duaa de chifaa conmigo Allah yjazikom