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Fundraising is non-profit fundraising activity such as raising funds for orphan centers.
On the other hand, there is crowdfunding, which consists of raising funds for projects.
IslamicFundraising is an online fundraising tool, be it for a personal matter or for a cause. At IslamicFundraising we do not charge any commission on the money raised, everything goes to the cause.
Individuals, NGOs, foundations, organisations with social purposes. All campaigns go through a verification process in which information is requested to identify the veracity of the campaign and identify its organiser. If everything is OK, the campaign is activated and it can start receiving funds.
We verify all campaigns without exception, to identify the organiser of the campaign, whether it is an individual or an entity, and to ensure that the objective of the campaign is not illicit or illegal.
There is no cost to using the platform, neither for the campaign organiser nor for the donors.
No, all the money collected goes to the cause, the only thing that is removed is the commissions that the payment gateway and PayPal charge us, for managing each donation.
Example: When a person donates € 5 per card, the payment gateway charges 0.32 cents, and sends us € 4.68.
We depend on the generosity of donors. During the donation process, the donor is invited to add a small contribution to support the platform, this contribution is not mandatory, the donor decides whether to support the platform or donate only to the cause.
We guarantee both the security of your donations and your data, these will never be transferred to third parties.
IslamicFundraising complies with the new data protection law (GDPR). We also use one of the most complete SSL certificates on the market to encrypt all the data you enter on the platform.
We review each campaign before its activation. During the process, all the necessary documentation is requested to ensure the authenticity of the data and the purpose of the use of the funds to be collected. Should the fraud be discovered later, the campaign will be cancelled and donations reimbursed to each donor.
At IslamicFundraising, we have an expert team that will help you achieve your goal. In the hypothetical case of not achieving anyway, you can always withdraw the funds collected.
Once all the data has been verified, the funds raised are transferred to the campaign organiser's bank account. The transfer within Spain is free, however if there is a cost for it, it will be paid by the organiser of the campaign.
The bank account number is requested when creating the profile and the campaign. This account is verified by asking the user for the corresponding bank receipts. The account organiser's profile name must match the bank account holder.
At IslamicFundraising, we have experts in advertising and digital marketing available to campaign organisers. Our specialists have the knowledge and tools necessary to promote your campaign and thus achieve its objective.
The program consists of assigning you an advertising specialist who will be in charge of creating advertising campaigns on Google ads and social networks to boost your campaign. The advertising cost is paid by the organiser of the campaign and the cost of the specialist will be 5% of the total collected.
With IslamiClub we manage to diversify your donation. With a single donation per month, from € 5, you will give to 5 different campaigns.
You can choose the amount you want, from € 5 per month.
Suppose you choose the fee of € 5 per month, donations € 5 or € 500, only € 1 will be used to maintain the platform (Infrastructures, servers, legal advice, taxes, programmers, etc.), the remaining money of your donation will be distributed between many campaigns to achieve the maximum possible reward. And what's more, thanks to that € 1 to maintain our platform, you will get the reward for all the campaigns and work we do.
By joining IslamiClub, you will become part of a family, a community. One of the advantages is enjoying exclusive discounts in many stores and online businesses.
You just have to go to, press on 'join the club', fill in the information, and voila! You will receive a confirmation email immediately
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